FrogKickers a website dedicated to our adventures in scuba diving.  A Frog Kicker is someone who embraces the DIR way of diving and uses the “frog kick” as one of the fundamental propulsion techniques.

Tina and I are recent converts to the GUE and DIR philosophy so this site chronicles our journey into this new way of diving. This blog is as much for us as it is for anyone else that may be on a similar journey.  By no means are we perfect and sometimes we may say something that is wrong, make a mistake or have poor grammar. So please keep in mind that we are students too and we are learning as we go.   Some of the videos on YouTube and pictures probably don’t show the best techniques because we aren’t perfect. I highly recommend seeking professional training through GUE.

 That being said, I hope you enjoy reading our stories and may they inspire you to make your own.  Life is short, go have an adventure!




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