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NSS-CDS Cave DPV Class: Part 3-Scootering Manatee Springs

I woke up much more refreshed after getting to bed early and  having a reasonably good night’s sleep.  It was Sunday September 30th 2018, the last day of DPV Cave with Dan Patterson.  We were to meet him at 7:30 in front of Manatee Springs State park, which is located about 40 minutes Southwest of High Springs,  near the town… Read more »

NSS-CDS Cave DPV Class: Part 2- Scootering In Ginnie

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NSS-CDS Cave DPV class with Dan Patterson was scheduled on Friday September 28th through Sunday the 30th. The week  prior to class went by  fast, because both of Tina and I were  very busy at work. One thing that I hadn’t really taken into consideration when buying scooters, was how to get them,  and all the other gear into the… Read more »

GUE-DPV 1 Training

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You can’t go into any of the the local High Springs dive shops and not see a DPV (DIver Propulsion Vehicle or a scooter as they are commonly called), sitting, waiting,  begging to to be fondled inappropriately.  Scooters represent a level of diving that we just didn’t think we would be at a few short years ago.  Not to mention… Read more »