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2016 Year In Review-A New Year Underwater and Underground

As we celebrate the New Year, Andy and I headed back to Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park in Live Oak, Florida. We decided to revisit the Orange Grove cave system as our first dives since our Cave 1 certification. The basin, with a surface-cover of duckweed, is just as beautiful as the caves that lie below. Our day began… Read more »

GUE Cave 1 Training- Day 7, The Last Day

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Tina and I had been working hard all week and Mer was gracious to give us an open ended schedule. We pretty much agreed that it would take what it took to do the class and at this point we were just happy to be learning and growing  as divers. As with fundies, we grew so much in just a short amount… Read more »

GUE Cave 1 Training-Day 5, Orange Grove and Cave Magic

The week was flying by.  It was the morning of December 22nd and our plan was to meet Mer at Peacock again at around 8 am. We got up a little early and we were making good time.   So we stopped at this really cool breakfast place called The Great Southern Biscuit Company in Mayo Fl.  Tina was wearing her santi… Read more »

Gue Cave 1 Training-Day 4, Our First Cave Dive

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After actually getting some sleep and waking up at a reasonable hour to prep gear, Tina and I hopped into the truck and drove towards Wes Skiles Peacock Springs.  It was cold and rainy but eventually it was supposed to clear up (we hoped). We met Mer at the gate around 8am and she showed us to the parking lot… Read more »