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Purchasing Scooters and NSS-CDS Cave DPV Class: Part 1

I took GUE DPV 1 May 2018,  which certified me to use a scooter in open water but not in an overhead environment. That being said, I have less interest in scootering in open water than I have in caves for now. So  the real goal  even back in May, was to get cave DPV certified in the near future…. Read more »

GUE Cave 2 Training-Day 5 At Ginnie Springs

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Cave 2 has been a different class compared to   other GUE classes we have taken.  The challenges were there, the struggle with new skills were there,  but the learning was different.  Mark and Mer gave us the tools to make good decisions underwater; in a positive and controlled way.  Of course there are a number of ways to deal with… Read more »

Gue Cave 1 Training-Day 4, Our First Cave Dive

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After actually getting some sleep and waking up at a reasonable hour to prep gear, Tina and I hopped into the truck and drove towards Wes Skiles Peacock Springs.  It was cold and rainy but eventually it was supposed to clear up (we hoped). We met Mer at the gate around 8am and she showed us to the parking lot… Read more »

GUE Cave 1 Training-Day 1 and 2, Field Drills and Our First Cavern Dives

Class started on Sunday the 18th at EE,  with Meredith Tanguay as our instructor.   We did the normal morning lectures followed by some gear inspection. There are some slight gear changes for cave diving that we hadn’t done prior to class, but Mer got us all fixed up.  Really not much changes but you will see once you take the… Read more »

Thinking About Switching to a Back Plate and Wing?

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When I first started diving in 2009,  I didn’t realize there were many many choices for scuba gear.  And I didn’t even realize the back plate and wing existed.   The shop we went through had a good selection of quality recreational gear,  but like most shops they are limited to what agreements they have with manufactures and what makes sense to… Read more »

Halcyon Focus Dive Light-Gear Review

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We have been using the Light Monkey 9W 5.2 canister light for a few years now and it’s been pretty good for what we needed. And what we needed was to have a reliable LED light to dive in the murky Texas lakes,  and on night dives.  We used the 9Ws mainly for communication if we got separated enough that… Read more »

5th Annual New Years Day Dive 2015

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The C.H.U.M Club AKA City of Houston Underwater Mariners (chumclub.org) does a yearly challenge called the Dive A Month (DAM) and the rules are pretty simple: Basically a member of the club needs to complete 1 dive per month for an entire year. Unfortunately for 2014 we only started our diving season in June because of some other commitments.  However… Read more »