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GUE Tech 1-Planning, Logistics, and Day 1

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Tina and I have been putting off Tech 1 for a while.  Partly because we both felt like we didn’t need it,  and partly because we didn’t think we were ready.  But as much as we cave dive and feel somewhat proficient in that,  we also realize that we had a major deficiency for diving in the ocean doing the… Read more »

Becoming A GUE Diver: Ch 2- Just Keep Swimming

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It was around the beginning of  March before I think Tina actually realized the magnitude of the swim test for GUE.  She had read the requirements way ahead of time but it wasn’t until she attempted to swim laps non stop that it became apparent how difficult it would be for her.  However I started to see big improvements in her technique… Read more »

Becoming a GUE Diver: Ch 1- Getting Ready For GUE Fundamentals

Tina and I had been contemplating doing a GUE Fundamentals or “Fundies” as it’s been known, for quite some time. We actually had contacted Meredith Tanguay  sometime in spring of 2014 and tried to get a Fundies class scheduled for December during Tina’s break from teaching.  Fortunately we decided to hold off for a number of reasons.  A big reason… Read more »

Building a Better Diver: Becoming One with the Water

Until just six months ago if someone would have asked me what was the one thing I was most reluctant to do underwater I would have said without hesitation removing my mask. I have been a certified diver since 2002. I have dived in a variety of environments, including several ocean dives. Why was removing my mask so frightening? The… Read more »