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GUE Tech 1-Day 2 at Blue Grotto

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Ahhh Blue Grotto.   By now we are intimately familiar with this place. Virtually all of our GUE classes have started here (except for cave 2).   It’s a great place to train and the facilities are very nice.  Picnic tables, covered pavilions, showers, and nice bathrooms.   The downside is that It’s also fairly crowded on the weekends with… Read more »

GUE Cave 1 Training-Day 5, Orange Grove and Cave Magic

The week was flying by.  It was the morning of December 22nd and our plan was to meet Mer at Peacock again at around 8 am. We got up a little early and we were making good time.   So we stopped at this really cool breakfast place called The Great Southern Biscuit Company in Mayo Fl.  Tina was wearing her santi… Read more »

Twas the Night Before GUE Cave 1

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If you asked me two years ago if we would be getting ready to do a cave diving class, I’d have said “no way that’s happening!”  In fact I remember when we first met Mer,  she asked us what our goals were in diving.  The subject of cave diving seemed pretty ridiculous to even think about.  But I guess life tends… Read more »

The Big Doubles

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Shortly after Tina got her tech upgrade,  I scheduled a weekend with Mer and also got mine.  It’s still very much a challenge for me  to have the  type of precision in the water needed for the upgrade,  but we have been practicing a lot and I was ready as ever.  The day I went for mine was following a work/training trip to… Read more »

The Annual February Blue Lagoon CHUM Dive

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Wow what a difference a year makes.  This time last year Tina and I did our last wetsuit dive with the CHUM club at the Blue Lagoon Dive Lake in Huntsville TX.  It was memorable because we had already ordered our drysuits but were just waiting for them to arrive.  The water temp last year was 49° F and we… Read more »

2015 Year In Review

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We find ourselves at the end of another year. Where does the time go?   Since becoming a diver in 2010; this year, above all the previous years has been the craziest.  It’s also a year that we didn’t get to do much fun diving despite having been in the water a lot. The training and gear changes have basically… Read more »

Becoming a GUE Diver Ch 8: The Final Day of Fundamentals

The whole week felt like a total blur at this point.  Tina and I had mixed emotions about  starting  the final day of GUE Fundamentals. We learned so much in such a short amount of time,  and we had made many new friends,  it was definitely sad to know we had to leave soon.   None-the-less we still had one more day of diving.  The last… Read more »

Trip Report- In Search of Santi: High Springs, Florida

  Wanting to eliminate weather as the main determining factor to where and when we could dive, we decided on making the jump from wet to dry. After weighing pros and cons of all available dry suits on the market we chose Santi. Since dry suits are a big financial commitment and involve a bit of a learning curve, we… Read more »