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Tina and I have been wanting to get some professional pictures taken of us in the water for quite some time.  We always seem to be taking pictures or video of each other, and never have any of both she and I in the shot.  So I contacted Lauren and Jon Kieren to see if they would be interested in… Read more »

2015 Year In Review

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We find ourselves at the end of another year. Where does the time go?   Since becoming a diver in 2010; this year, above all the previous years has been the craziest.  It’s also a year that we didn’t get to do much fun diving despite having been in the water a lot. The training and gear changes have basically… Read more »

Building a Better Diver: Gear Aware

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It is a little embarrassing to admit, but there was a time when I didn’t know very much about my gear. I didn’t know the name of the components, what they did, or why they did what they did, and I didn’t care to know. It was at that same time that diving seemed like more of a chore than a… Read more »

Diving Dry: Chapter 2

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After our last two dives on March 28th 2015 we were able to drop some weight from our rigs.  However it just seemed that we were fighting the weighting issue. Both Tina and I were using about 24 and 26 lbf of ballast respectively.  Our AL80 tanks have  a swing weight of about 6 lbf and end up positive 4lbf…. Read more »

Diving Dry: A New Chapter in Diving

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After almost three long months of waiting, our Santi dry suits arrived! Having recently completed the coldest dive of my life, 49 °F in a 7 mm wetsuit, our oversized parcel from Extreme Exposure was a welcome sight.   As we first considered adding dry diving to our underwater repertoire, more than a few questions crossed our minds. Having heard… Read more »

Trip Report- In Search of Santi: High Springs, Florida

  Wanting to eliminate weather as the main determining factor to where and when we could dive, we decided on making the jump from wet to dry. After weighing pros and cons of all available dry suits on the market we chose Santi. Since dry suits are a big financial commitment and involve a bit of a learning curve, we… Read more »