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What’s up with the gloves dude?

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You may have seen some cave divers wearing fingerless gloves and wondered what the purpose of them is.  Do they protect our hands from the sharp rocks or  do we do it just to look cool?   Someone actually asked me why I wear gloves while I was at peacock not too long ago,  and I had to stop and… Read more »

Purchasing Scooters and NSS-CDS Cave DPV Class: Part 1

I took GUE DPV 1 May 2018,  which certified me to use a scooter in open water but not in an overhead environment. That being said, I have less interest in scootering in open water than I have in caves for now. So  the real goal  even back in May, was to get cave DPV certified in the near future…. Read more »

GUE Tech 1-Day 6, The Last Day

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It was 3am on Sunday July 22nd and Tina and I were wide awake desperately trying to sleep.  Marley woke up around 2am because of a storm and was bumping around, crashing into the walls and closet door.  She’s a 14 year old Golden Retriever, that’s totally blind,  and hates thunderstorms.  So when she gets upset,  she wanders aimlessly around…. Read more »

A Real Cave Dive-Manatee Springs Via Friedman Sink

It’s been just about 6 months since Cave 2 and we have been busy diving as much as we can. Tina and I have spent a fair amount of time exploring  a little bit of Madison, a lot of Peacock, and a lot of Ginnie springs. We pretty much try a different dive or try to see something new every… Read more »

My Journey To Better Dive Fitness

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I’m not ashamed to admit that I like to eat and partake in the occasional adult beverage.  But when life gets busy I tend to eat more and exercise less. Unfortunately my early to mid thirties have been a very busy time for me;   and consequently I’ve not  maintained a very healthy lifestyle of exercise and proper diet.  Hey… Read more »

Becoming a GUE Diver: Ch 1- Getting Ready For GUE Fundamentals

Tina and I had been contemplating doing a GUE Fundamentals or “Fundies” as it’s been known, for quite some time. We actually had contacted Meredith Tanguay  sometime in spring of 2014 and tried to get a Fundies class scheduled for December during Tina’s break from teaching.  Fortunately we decided to hold off for a number of reasons.  A big reason… Read more »

How We Became Divers

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Tina and I started diving mainly because of a trip to Puerto Rico.   But my passion for diving started long before that.  I have been in love with the underwater world since I was able to walk. My mom had me in swim lessons basically as a baby and as I got older,  I remember watching underwater documentaries and thinking how amazing it… Read more »

Trip Report: Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary

In August 2014, we were fortunate enough to dive in a hidden treasure within the Gulf of Mexico. The Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary is situated ~115 miles directly south of the Texas/Louisiana coast. Encompassing 56 sq. miles (36,000 acres), the sanctuary contains incredible reef systems that are absolutely teaming with life. After an overnight trip in calm seas… Read more »

5th Annual New Years Day Dive 2015

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The C.H.U.M Club AKA City of Houston Underwater Mariners (chumclub.org) does a yearly challenge called the Dive A Month (DAM) and the rules are pretty simple: Basically a member of the club needs to complete 1 dive per month for an entire year. Unfortunately for 2014 we only started our diving season in June because of some other commitments.  However… Read more »